Sunday, September 30, 2007

Newsletter September 30, 2007

Hello DayDrinkers,

It's Sunday morning and all is well in DayDrinkerLand. I spent all of Saturday amongst friends. We rode bikes through the French Quarter and drank. We ate burgers, gambled, drank, and drank some more. We went to see music at night and I sat in the street eating ribs. Then I fell asleep in a thicket of holly bushes. A perfect day. Today there are some casualties here in blanket city. I've had to patch up some drinking soldiers. There's been some sore bodies and waves of depression. All in a days work. I've had to quote rules 32 and 99. rule 32=No apologies for drunken buffoonery. Rule 99=never say you won't drink again.

Octoberfest. That right, Octoberfest. For the amount of drinking that goes on in New Orleans, there is a shortage of places to celebrate this wonderful holiday. We had to settle for Gordon Biersch. I love me some liter steins. For the next few weeks I expect pictures and stories from you about Octoberfest. This is a historic DayDrinker event. I want you to spend your Saturdays and Sunday (and Monday through Fridays) in a tent. A tent with beer, obnoxious jerks, and your friends. Yes, I know, your friends are obnoxious jerks, so are you. There is nothing like a liter mug. It's great for your self esteem. It makes your biceps look tone. You get that look on your face that says "yeah that's right, I'm going to drink all of it. When it's empty, I'm going to get another. Any questions?" After two wonderful liters of Belgian beer I came up with Octoberfest Roulette. It's just throwing your mug in the air after you have drained it and whoever gets hit, loses. You can only play it once.

DDS film fest. I spent the day yesterday shooting footage of us with my digital camera. Most of us have a camera that can shoot video. I propose a DDS filmfest where we shoot 60 second films on our camera's or cell phones. I will put a few shots up on the myspace page once i can cut them together.

Renee's quote of the day "We go through Vodka like A-rabs go through suicide bombers"



Sunday, September 16, 2007

DDS Newletter September 16, 2007

Its Sunday….and we are all still alive. Good morning. I feel like Bruce Willis in Unbreakable misusing my powers for drinking. The Gorillas are playing. I’m drinking shots of 43. Steve is yelling “if you mess with the bull, you get the horns.” Life is good. I’m surrounded by friends. This is what daydrinkerssociety is for.
How are you? I miss all you fuckers out there. I hope you are properly representing the Society. I got a text from Milhouse last night that said “This getting hard.” Good job, it should be. We are the chosen ones. What we were chosen for, I am not sure but chosen none the less.

Why does Renee have so many bruises?

I have to confess…I’ve been drinking this morning. Enough about that though. Lets get to business. How to better the Society? Send some god damn pictures kids. How else is everyone supposed to know what you are up to. Hopefully you won’t remember either but the pictures will be there to make you laugh in the morning. There is nothing better then someone telling you a story about you, that you don’t remember. You listen and love it. You can’t get enough of yourself. You are a funny motherfucker. Why remember anything when you have great friends who will tell you exactly what happened last night. “You were such a dick last night. I had to totally take care of you.” Sure…and you were top hat and tails.

What else? Rules. We need to start publishing our rules. I have some thoughts but not enough to make it official. I’ll attach a few and you can add to them by e-mailing me. Get to work.



Never apologize for drunken buffoonery. This thing is a vicious cycle. You fuck up today, I promise it’ll be me tomorrow.

A nonworking day drinker never gloats to working day drinkers about their antics, unless of course it’s funny… It’s always funny.

If you’re drunk and you have found a good bar, stay there. Excessive moving never gets you anywhere better. It just pisses everyone off.

Know when to get up from the table. If you think it might be time to go, it was time to go a half hour ago.

Overtip. Put good bartenders in your pocket like Vito Corleone put crooked politicians in his. You never know when they will come in handy.

Never say “I’ll never drink again.”

41. Drink what you want. There are no beer police so tell that guy to go screw. This doesn't shield you from ridicule when you deserve it.

When sober and tired, a shot of tequila will get you going. When drunk and tired, a red bull will get you going. More then one tequila or red bull will keep you going, but in a pet cemetery sort of way.

When drunk, rely on the buddy system. If you leave the group be prepared to suffer the consequences.

If you have to leave the group, call on cell phone. When I’m out looking for your body, I need a timestamp and last place you were awake.

Monday, September 3, 2007

One for the books

It started off innocent enough. Three friends out in the quarter enjoying the day. At around two o'clock the decadence gay parade marched by. Then the crazy Christians started to protest. We protested them. After this it gets hazy. Met girls at Erin Rose......lost them at RBAR.....lost someone.....Saved some one else from peril....Someone comes home at 5:30AM and kisses the floor...Something about being woken up by hookers while sleeping on Canal Street......Kicked out of car in the ghetto.....

Details to follow as they become available.


Saturday, September 1, 2007

Renee's Gutter

September 1, 2007

Dear fellow daydrinkers,

There is no such thing as a hangover on the weekend. If you feel a little out of sorts when you wake up on a Saturday or Sunday put your sunglasses on and find the closest source of booze. After the first drink or two you wont remember the headache. After a few more you wont remember you’re wearing sunglasses. The day only gets better from there.

Pictures from the evening before should only be viewed after you’ve had a few drinks the next day. If you’re unable to drink the next day you should wait until you can throw back a few beers before looking at your exploits. Booze will be the armor protecting your perfect self image when the pictures come at you like a javelin.


DDS Newletter September 1, 2007

September 1, 2007

Dear fellow daydrinkers. I’m sitting here on the couch writing to you about the state of affairs in the daydrinker world.

Things are going pretty well for us daydrinkers. We have our own site. The price of drinks are at a stable level and liver function is at an all time high. The Costa Rica trip is moving ahead full force and anyone who is interested should call or e-mail J. I’m currently planning the first annual DayDrinkersSociety party. This will be in December and hopefully will be held in Multiple cities. I think it will swallow up the Frank Sinatra Birthday party this year. Don’t worry, the theme is 60’s cabana wear. They don’t know it yet but I hope to ask Morning 40 Federation to play a set. So like I said, things are going well, at least her in NOLA. Chapters around the country please feeel free to comment and let us know how you are doing.

May I suggest a weekend activity for you in your home town? Lately we have been “visiting” rooftop pools and enjoying the hospitality of the bars there. This is a great way to pretend you are on vacation and go to the pool for free. Look at the slide show. I’m pretty sure there is a pic or two to show you what I mean. You can do this anywhere. Ride your bike downtown, go to the pool, order a drink and your in business. I suggest you overtip the bartender and after two or three drinks you can bring him in on your scheme He will appreciate your devious nature and your generous ways. Next time he will be an ally. After establishing yourself, you can bring friends and your trusty barkeep will welcome you by name. DDS Saturday, try it. Let me know how it goes.

Another idea for the site is to create a page where I outline the best bathrooms in a given city for when you need something nicer then a urinal or a stall with no walls. I might use a google map and highlight the most DDS friendly hotels and restaurants. No one wants to be caught short, DDS is here to help.

I’d love to hear your ideas. Please send them to me. Also feel free to use the calendar to add local events in your city. Now I think I’m going to take a shower and go find some “Lunch”.

Have Fun,