Tuesday, December 25, 2007

what is christmas?

Christmas is a 1/2 dressed Renee cooking Pot Roast for breakfast and Lazagna for dinner

Christmas is...complaining about bars and liquor stores being closed

Christmas is...that gaggle of phone calls that one needs a percadan before calling

....and the look of constipation one has while making them.

Christmas is booze and bikes and all the rest.

..."Hey Jose!"

We have just evolved


Thursday, December 6, 2007

....Cold outside, warm inside...

Hello DayDrinkers,

It's been a while. I was just looking over old posts and smiling. The last one was that great weekend of VooDoo. Ana sent in one recently as well. I will post some pics when my computer is fixed, I have some good ones. I'm sitting here in my small room at work. It's 20 degrees outside. It's only Thursday. I'm 34 hours away from my next DayDrink and I'm not happy.
All is not lost. The last few weekends have been legendary. Thanksgiving comes to mind. A gritty story about perseverance in the face of adversity. Me and JW are up here in Boston working for the next few months. Just three hours south is the famous New York chapter of DDS. I worked it out so that a rental car would be waiting for me on the night before Thanksgiving. With any luck I could catch the 2nd set of Reegal Beegal in New York and then we could enjoy the holiday with our brothers and sisters in the city. At the appointed hour i realize that no rental car is coming. Everyone is telling us how stupid we are to travel from Boston to NY on the busiest travel day of the year. After some tears and begging I convince the powers to give us a car. A new DDS Boston brother gives us top secret directions and we are off. Boston to NY in three hours and ten minutes. (thank you JP). We walk into the last song of the first set. The next day we wake up and do it again. A truly wonderful day of booze and love and I think a thanksgiving nap that needed a defibrillator to awake me. The next day we awake in Brooklyn. We convert some new members and are playing pool in a lower east side bar before noon. The next day we are being sent off by the NY team with a wonderful brunch. I was sad to leave NY. It was so good to me. I invited the NY team to drive up to Boston with us.....and they did. Wait.....I've left alot out. Lets go to Milhouse with his side. Milhouse?....

Hello Day Drinkers. I write to you with a post –Thanksgiving/pre-Christmas message. With all the other responsibilities in our lives (job, school, significant other, liver problem) it is easy to forget our responsibilities to ourselves and our fellow day drinkers. Let us not forget that while killing each other, we are the ones keeping each other alive. What some people call “enablers” we call “our friends”. During my brief Thanksgiving vacation I was visited by some “wise men” that helped me remember that it is important to periodically forget priorities or deadlines, and that we have to meet and just mix it up. We did this with a drinking marathon that lasted from Wednesday night to Sunday morning and spanned from the Lower East Side of Manhattan all the way up to some fancy hotel in the center of Boston. The Gun-In-Mouth Syndrome inevitably followed this adventure. However, there was a crack of a smile when I conjured up sweet memories of Bacon Vodka and Anime Porn at Double Down or my first trip to the Mecca for drunks: Cheers in Boston. It takes a weekend like this to remind us what it means to be a day drinker. Many people drink on the weekends, but we have made an art of it. We have set a standard. Hey NOLA DDS I will be there for Christmas, and I am presently in intensive training. See y’all soon.

OK, where was I? Yes, they came up to Boston with us without so much as thinking about it for 5 minutes. This is the spirit of the true DayDrinker. I have to tell you, I'm having problems in Boston converting the masses. There are so many rules here to regulate your good time that a good time is rarely had. Sure they drink, they eat, but just when a good time without restraints is about to happen, the light go on and some asshole is yelling at you to finish them up and get out.The next day everyone lays in bed and cries about feeling sick. I have tried to help these people. I have tried to show them what I have learned. I have tried to tell them that their pain can be a thing of the past but they will not listen. Your average Bostonian would rather spend the whole day bitching about how sick they feel then take some medicine and fix the problem. If you fix them a drink they run to the bathroom and puke rather then drinking it. I'm stubborn though, and I refuse to give up on this town. By New Years i hope to convert them to our care free way of life. If it kills them

Last weekend Amanda came up from NOLA and I was reminded how good the NOLA chapter really is. I longed for home as we walked though the hotel lobby...the only ones at 11AM with beer bottles in tow. We were on a mission and mission accomplished. We ate and drank and saw the town the only way we needed to.

The future is bright. DayDrinkers are traveling the country to be together. Jordan is spreading the word like a missionary in Costa Rica. Milhouse is coming to NOLA for Christmas, the Kraysers are coming for New Years. Boy Band is coming for Mardi Gras. I am considering visiting Portland in March. So I challenge you DayDrinkers. Get in your car or on a plane and celebrate life with your brothers and sisters. Go find a new city and explore. We always find our places. Explain our credo and watch a new chapter spring up. I have done this in countless bars and it always works. It also feels pretty good. I want DDS to be an equal opportunity for us all to contribute so please send me any ideas, pictures, or stories. In the mean time I will continue to work on these provincial uptight quakers up here in Bean Town. See you soon?