Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Puerto Rico, Easter, and Pool Season Opening Day

Hello Daydrinkers,

We’re getting into that time of year again. The wonderful time of year when Mr. Heat and Mrs. Humidity start reproducing and everyone is covered in a layer of film before they can walk off their porches. The wonderful time of year that makes a mess of a well-dressed man. Jay mentioned one of his favorite feelings was the sweat rolling down your back when you don your backpack and ride your bike. I agree. Say goodbye to makeup, dressing nice, and fixing your hair till September and say hello to sunscreen, bathing suits, body odor, and the general smell of sweaty drunks. There is something about this weather that makes you slow down and drink more. And that’s exactly what we’re doing here in New Orleans.

Last Sunday was the beginning of rooftop pool season. We enjoyed a terrific “all you can eat” brunch buffet at the Royal Sonesta. After two hours of unlimited mimosas, bananas foster waffles, cheese, painkillers, omelets, sushi, steak, fish, and assorted breakfast pastries (my personal favorite) we went up to the pool, rubbed each other down with sunscreen, made friends with the bartender, and settled into our chairs for a wonderful daydrinking afternoon of friends, booze, sweat, and swimming. Renee talked the bartender into putting 4 shots of rum in her pina colada. The bartender was pleasantly surprised that we were still able to stand. We quickly reminded him that we are professionals.

Easter Sunday was closing day at the horse track. We put on our Sunday best and made our way to the track to bet on the horsies and enjoy the beautiful day. Everyone did well. We would have done better if we hadn’t accidentally thrown out our winning tickets. Whoops. We proceeded to a lovely dinner at Dickie’s. Its sunset, we’re loaded, we’re full. We try to go to the swingers club, but we show up and they're closed. You know you're a Daydrinker when you show up to the swingers club before they even open. We settle for the casino and that's all she wrote. Another successful Daydrinker day.

Jay and I recently made a voyage to Puerto Rico. Jay’s mom was gracious enough to let us stay with her in her beautiful home. We relaxed, drank our weights in rum, ate wonderful food, explored the rainforest and learned how to play craps. As Jay mentioned in the last newsletter we came up with Daydrinker Games. We also had the very first session of Hammock City, a tropical spin on our endeared Blanket City. As you can see in the picture there is a grove of palm trees and we can’t wait to see hammocks strung between all of them, with all of you kids in them, and with a bottle of Barrelito in each person’s hand.

We’ve been keeping Neosporin busy in the recent weeks. Jay fell off the toilet and tore a hole in his wang. I fell in the rainforest and bloodied my shin. However, we have come up with the best solution for Daydrinker injuries. Have the nearest Daydrinker take a swig of whatever they are drinking and spit it onto the affected area. Don’t forget to take footage. Check out our video soon to be posted in the forum.
We have many things in the future to look forward to. French Quarter Fest happens in two weeks, followed by two weeks of Jazzfest. Plenty of opportunity to sweat and drink. Come and see us!